What is an Expert Psychological Stager?

How Does it Benefit You?


An Expert Physcological Stager is different than a regular home stager.  An EPS certified stager has gone through intense, in person training.  With hands on client interaction to develop an understanding of the emotions of a seller as well as a buyer, EPS Stagers are trained and educated on the psychology of home buying. 

Remember, no matter how beautiful your house is, the goal of staging is to market your home to the largest audience.  As a result, an EPS certified stager will highlight specific areas of your home to entice the most number of buyers, based on the psychology of home buying. 


Additionally, EPS trained stagers work with homeowners in a sensitive and understanding way.  We respect your home, your story and your memories attached to your house.  Results driven home staging is what we do. 

Below are some of the top highlights of EPS Stagers

A training program approved by the top home staging industry organizations in the world: the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP), and the Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA)


Formal in person training vs. an online certificate.  While many courses focus on decluttering and the steps to start your business,  EPS staging focuses on hands on experience in staging as well as how to make spaces feel larger and appeal to a larger audience. 


High quality staging instruction, from industry leader Kristie Barnett (https://thedecorologist.com/).  Specific training in manipulating visual perception of space as well as instruction to develop a strong furniture and art arrangement skill set.


Instruction and certification focused on developing a firm grasp on both seller and buyer psychology. These are different - and understanding the difference is crucial. If you don’t understand buyer psychology, you can’t stage effectively, but if you can’t understand seller psychology, you can’t get them to follow the staging plan


In depth and detailed training on selecting the right paint color & color placement to make the most visible positive difference in any home going on the market.  This is a necessity to impact the appeal of MLS photos and first impressions of buyers. Most home stagers have little training or expertise in paint colors.