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Hear What are Clients are Saying

My wife and I have had the pleasure of knowing about Alexis and her talents for a few years now.  Initially, it was talk at the local swimming pool in Catonsville and again in the carpool line at school.  Each time her name was mentioned it was with glowing praise regarding her talents, vision and of course maximizing the dollar value when selling their respective home.


Our family lives in a very well maintained home that has the normal wear and tear of an 80 year old house in the historic part of Catonsville. We recently decided to sell our home (with 3 kids and a pet).  Thinking back to multiple recommendations to use Alexis and her services to stage our house was without question the best decision our family made along with using the Meg and MaryBeth team. 


Within 5 minutes of having Alexis to our house we felt extremely comfortable with her vision and the trends that are “in” right now.  Alexis also brought up so many other things that my wife and I never gave thought to such as what others are looking for in a house and what will show well in pictures vs. the normal clean house and open lense photography. 


Alexis is a rising star in this industry and if I could do it all over again I would employ her services again, 100%!

-Patrick F.